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Name TechnoCoat Company, Limited.
CEO Shoju Aoshima

Head Office 1458-3 Kariyado, Fujieda-shi, Shizuoka-ken 426-0001 JAPAN

TEL 81-54-646-1721 FAX 81-54-646-1720

Related Company TechnoCoat International Company, Limited.

1458-3 Kariyado, Fujieda-shi, Shizuoka-ken 426-0001 JAPAN

TEL 81-54-646-1724 FAX 81-54-646-1720
TechnoCoat Laser Company, Limited.

1458-3 Kariyado, Fujieda-shi, Shizuoka-ken 426-0001 JAPAN

TEL 81-54-646-1723 FAX 81-54-646-1720
Shanghai TechnoCoat Co.,Ltd.

Room 1304, XuHuiJingDian Building, 2281, ZhongShangXi Road, XuHui District, Shanghi, 200235 China

TEL +86-21-6469-5240 FAX +86-21-6469-5247

4F, No.32 ZhangShenLuBei, ZhangMuTou, DongGuan, GuangDong, 523619 China

TEL +86-0-769-82975620 FAX +86-0-769-82975620
TechnoCoat Asia Co., Ltd.

69/49 Moo 6, Soi Kingkaew 54, Kingkaew Rd,T. Rachatewa, A. Bangplee, Samutprakarn, 10540 Thailand

TEL 66-2-738-4920/4921 FAX 66-2-738-4922

Capitalization JP Yen 50,000,000
Date Established May10,1990
Fiscal Period End September 30
Bank Shizuoka Bank, Fujieda Central Branch

Taiwan 堃嘉企業有限公司
台北縣新莊市中和街48號 郵政編號 242-45
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Italy Prealpina SPA
31015 Conegliano (TV) Viale Venezia, 50, Italy
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USA Surface Treatment Technologies. Inc.
1954 Halethorpe Farms Road, Suite 600, Halethorpe, MD 21227, USA
TEL +1-410-242-0530 FAX +1-410-242-0671

India Prevision World (India) Pvt. Ltd. Delhi Office
107 & 109, Ansal Chamber-II, 6, Bhikaji Cama Place, New Delhi - 110 066, India
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  Prevision World (India) Pvt. Ltd. Chennai Office
No. 18/6 & 19/3, (New No. 6), 2nd Floor, "Veeru Tower", Jawaharlal Nehru Salai, Ekkaduthangal, Chennai - 600 097
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  Prevision World (India) Pvt. Ltd. Pune Office
Tapaswi Plaza, S. No. 15-16, Opp. Cotton Greaves Ltd., Pune-Mumbai Road, Kalbhor Nagar, Chinchwad, Pune - 411 019, India
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Komplek Gading Bukit Indah Blok J/16 Jl. Bukit Gading Raya, Kelapa Gading Jakarta Utara 14240 - Indonesia
TEL +62-21-451-3345 FAX +62-21-451-3346

Philippines Chemdis Manufacturing Corp.
Chemdis Bldg. Don Jesus Blvd., Alabang Hills Village ,Alabang Muntinlupa City Philippines.
TEL +632 8096227/ 809 6228 loc.46 FAX +632 850 8685

Brazil DAIICHI JITSUGYO do BRASIL Comercio de Maquinas Ltda.
Endereco: Rua do Paraiso 45-cj51 CEP: 04103-000 Sao Paulo-SP, Brazil
TEL +55-11-3284-1500 FAX +55-11-3171-3169
  <Manaus Office>
Av. Djalma Batista, 1 Torre Empresarial - Sala Cond. Millennium Center Chapada Manaus - AM CEP 690
TEL +55-92-3302-2045  

Korea KIMAS Corporation Limited
#1106 Halla Sigma Valley Building, 345-90 Gasan-dong, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, 153-706, Korea
TEL +82-70-8786-8907 FAX +82-2-6085-8909
Russia Polybros LLC
Moscow, Russia
Sevastoposky prospect, 5a, h. 1, b. 2
TEL & FAX +7-495-504-77-85

Mission and Company

 We must reduce consumption of energy and materials in order to hand down an ample supply to future generation since natural resources in the world are diminishing continuously.
 This principle should also be applied to the repair and maintenance of industrial machines. The use of high performance coatings on machine components improves their performance as well as increases their service lives. Application of coatings that resist wear, corrosion, heat, etc., using low heat input coating techniques reduce energy consumption and save materials. The use of high performance reduces not only downtime but also stockpiling of spare parts, and leads to improved productivity.
 The company made progress by working very closely with automotive industries. The industry emphasized the use of lightweight materials, such as aluminum alloys and plastics, in order to decrease fuel consumption. SparkDepo* and MicroDepo* are widely used for depositing an alloy layer or carbide coating in the repair or restoration of damaged or worn dies and molds used in the manufacturing of light components. Also, SparkDepo* and MicroDepo* are widely used for on-site restoration rolls, rams, and shafts that suffer wear, corrosion, and scuffing. Handy-Finisher* is also used on-site for grinding and finishing. This eliminates diamantling of those components for repair.
Save resource and energy for our future by technical coatings.
Note: SparkDepo*, MicroDepo*, VibroDyn*, Handy-Finisher*, DepoGage*, and Phi-Boy* are registered trademark of TechnoCoat Company, Limited.

Manufacturing and sales/marketing of low heat input Electro-Spark Deposition machines, SparkDepo* and MicroDepo*. also, offer on-site repair service.
Manufacturing and sales/marketing of VibroDyn*, Handy-Finisher*, DepoGage*, and Phi-Boy*. Also, provides service work.
Offer franchise shops for repair and overlay work using SparkDepo* and Handy-Finisher*.
SparkDepo* and MicroDepo*, both utilizes Electro-Spark Deposition process for surface enhancement and low heat input overlay. (Three patents granted and three pending.)
VibroDyn*, Vibrational Stress Relief.
Handy-Finisher*, portable surface grinder/finisher. (One patent pending)
DepoGage*, measurement for depth of dent and thickness of overlay.
Phi-Boy*, portable measurement for OD and ID.
Company History
August, 1985
Establish TechnoCoat in Nagoya, Initiate development of Electro-Spark Deposition machines.
September, 1989
Sale of the first Electro-Spark Deposition machine, SparkTron*, to Toyota Motor, Tsutumi Plant, for repair and maintenance of aluminum die casting dies.
May, 1990
Establish Technocoat Company, Limited.
March, 1993
Patent applications for the Electro-spark Deposition machine, and for metal overlay techniques for repair/maintenance using the Electro-Spark Deposition machine. (both patents granted)
Improved version of SparkTron* is produced and started marketing with a trade name of SparkDepo*, which is capable of depositing thick alloy overlay.
February, 1994
A patent application on the Electro-Spark Deposition machine, SparkDepo*.
October, 1995
A patent on alloy overlay techniques.
November, 1995
A joint patent application with Nihon Gaishi (NGK) on coating techniques for copper alloy dies for aluminum and/or aluminum alloy casting. (US and China patents are granted)
March, 1997
Sold 1,000 cumulative units of SparkTron* and SparkDepo*.
March, 1998
Establish a joint venture company, JIT-TechnoCoat Inc., in Canada. Request UL and CSA approvals for SparkDepo* for NAFTA market.
April, 1998
Obtain CE mark for SparkDepo* and MicroDepo* to market in Europe.
August, 1999
Develop Handy-Finisher*, and Alloy-Overlay-Systems. A patent application on the Handy-Finisher*.
A patent application on the overlay systems using the Electro-Spark machine using switching apparatus
January, 2000
Develop and start marketing of lightweight and cost effective Electro-Spark Deposition machine, MicroDepo*.
A patent application on the measurement for depth of dent and thickness of overlay and portable measurement for OD and ID.
Developed and marketing DepoGage*, measurement for depth of dent and thickness of overlay and Phi-Boy*, portable measurements for OD and ID.
August, 2003
Obtain CSA for SparkDepo* to NAFTA market. Certificate No.1393265.